This world-famous pole athlete was born in Moscow. Without ANY prior experience (no sport, no dance background), Anastasia began pole dancing when she was 18 years old, in December of 2008. She trained at a Moscow School and fell in love with pole dancing during her first class.

In the beginning, this Russian talent, trained 3 days a week for about 6-7 hours. After a couple months, her instructors suggested she become an instructor. She trained all weeks for many hours, paid close attention to detail with choreography, basic tricks and stretching. Her back flexibility is natural and extreme!

In July 2009, Anastasia began preparing for the first Russian Pole Fitness Championship, which was held in Saint-Petersburg. She won second place in the professional category. Anastasia, progressed forward winning first place at the Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition. The next step for her was to compete in the World Pole Dance Championship 2010 in Zurich. She went thru to the finals and was competing on the same stage was the amazing Felix Cane and Jenyne Butterfly. This was a historical moment for her.

After the championship, Anastasia started to travel the world teaching , inspiring, and developing pole dance in different countries. Anastasia continued working on her flexibility, power and dance skills and she was taking private lessons with an amazing Russian circus artists where she worked with aerial silks, ballet, gymnastics, trapeze, contortion and much more. She aimed to become one of the best artists in the world.

In 2011, she went to one of the most important and artistic competitions; Pole Art. This was held in Helsinki. This Russian talent took 3rd place. That was a great start. Her video from this competition has more then 4,600,000 views on YouTube.

Anastasia continues to travel the world, inspiring people to believe in them selves. She has shown the world that it is possible to manifest goals and dreams if you believe in yourself, even if you have little to no experience. Hard work, patience , and belief in one self, can allow dreams to become a reality.