In late 2009 on Claudia’s 21st birthday, she was introduced to pole dancing by a group of friends who surprised her with a lesson. Hesitant, she went and enjoyed every second. After waking up the next morning sore from head to toe, she realized how much of a workout it was and decided to keep doing it. She fell in love quickly after and used it as a means for stress relief and therapy while earning her degree in Nutrition and Small Business Entrepreneurship. She started teaching 3 months after her introductory class and started to build her brand throughout Texas from there.

Today, she is an internationally recognized pole instructor, performer and choreographer.

She’s been the head instructor at the world famous BeSpun in Los Angeles since 2014 and has helped produce many different acts in Pole Show LA.

Claudia has traveled and taught in over 10 countries and known around the world for her captivating performances, especially in the inaugural “Miss Pole Dance America” where she played the character of “Dexter.”

Claudia is also the creator and founder of her 4 Elements Intensive. 4 Elements is a culmination of Claudia’s 9 years in the pole industry.

She developed this program with the intention of helping the pole industry grow by reducing the amount of injuries due to poor form and misalignment.

After more than a year of development, she decided that having 4 strong elements to help create the most well-rounded pole dancer would create the most balanced intensive. Earth was created to get dancers grounded in their movement in conjunction with all aerial movement. Wind was created to coach pole dancers on the physics of spin pole and how it works while encouraging them to practice the same techniques with static spins. Water was created after years of questions on how to create fluidity when dancing in proportion with flexibility. Fire was created to summon the inner goddess, confidence, empowerment and stage presence in every pole dance performer.

With these 4 elements mastered, Claudia believes it will create a sensually inspired, injury free pole dancer, ready to take the next step in their career, whether it be performing, competing, teaching, or dancing specifically for personal growth. 

She has a passion for creating longevity in pole dancers, building lasting relationships with her students and encouraging innovative organic movement in every mover she works with.

Claudia strives to be a continuous inspiration in the pole community and create a safe space for all of her students to express themselves the way that makes them feel best in her workshops.


USPDF Pro Qualified 2017

Miss Pole Dance America Troupe Champion 2015

Pacific Pole Championships Level 4 Gold Medalist 2014

Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma Silver Medalist 2014

Miss Texas Pole Star “Miss Trickster” 2013

Miss Texas Pole Star Bronze Medalist 2013

Galveston Bay Pole Free-Style Gold Medalist 2013

Galveston Bay Pole Free-Style Crowd Favorite 2013

Miss Texas Pole Star Silver Medalist 2012